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Storage Supplies LaGrange GA
October 16, 2020

Best Storage Supplies in LaGrange GA: Let Us Help You Pack!

If you are looking for storage, find a storage facility that can help you every step of the way. Lafayette Parkway Self Storage has experts to guide you through picking out a storage unit and sells storage supplies at our LaGrange GA office, so you always have everything you need. A percentage of our storage supplies sales for the month of October will be donated to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Help us help the community!

1. Keep Heavy Objects in Smaller Boxes

Big boxes can hold a lot of items, but they can also accumulate weight quickly during packing. You should put heavier objects in smaller boxes to redistribute some of that weight. This will avoid possible box breakage or personal injury to whoever carries the box. Lighter objects, like towels or blankets, can be packed in your larger boxes. Do you need more boxes? We sell boxes in a variety of sizes on-site at our LaGrange GA office. In addition to boxes, we have:
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Tape
  • Foam Packing Peanuts
  • Dust Covers
  • Furniture Covers
  • And more!

2. Label Boxes/Bins

Labeling a box is the difference between an easy storage experience and a stressful one. As soon as your items go into those boxes and are packed away in the storage unit, you are not going to remember which which boxes are holding which items. Mark your boxes with the room and list the contents, so you do not have to guess or rummage through multiple boxes to find what you need. You can also write down if the items inside are fragile and which side should remain up.

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