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April 26, 2020

5 Self Storage Supplies To Help While Moving

Ran out of self storage supplies? Lafayette Parkway Self Storage offers supplies for sale in the office! Our LaGrange Ga storage facility offers more than self storage for your belongings. Find the right tools for the job today! How do you know which supplies are best? You do not want to be too many and you do not want to run out when you are so close to finishing – Lafayette Parkway Self Storage can help! Check out the top 5 items we recommend purchasing.

Top 5 Self Storage Supplies You Did Not Know You Needed

  1. Moving Boxes – Number 1 on the list and the most important – Grab a variety to safely pack all your items.
  2. Tape – Grab a few extra rolls to so you can complete the whole move without having to make a run for supplies.
  3. Bubble Wrap – Boxes can get jostled around during the move but bubble wrap will keep everything inside the box safe.
  4. Mattress Covers – Protect all mattresses headed into the storage unit. Moisture can get trapped between the floor and the heavy mattress
  5. Lock – The most important part and sometimes forgotten item. We sell them in our office!
With help from our store manager in the office, you can talk to us anytime! We are here to help you store your belongings. Find tools on our website like the storage calculator where we will do the math to help you choose the right storage unit.
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